Fabulously Fringed DIY Treat Stand & Chevron Party Supplies

This DIY treat stand is a fabulous addition to your buffet table. Crafted in just a few minutes with easy-to-find materials, you can display all of your personalized party favors and yummy treats on it and not feel guilty getting rid of it after the celebration is over. It looks impressive with our Chevron Party Supplies but will make any party theme ‘pop’.

Easy DIY Treat Stand: 3-Tier Buffet Table Display #BigDot #HappyDot

We really wanted the purple to stand out at this party so we crafted our DIY treat stand with white crepe paper streamers but you can use any color that matches your party theme. Our selection of purple chevron paper plates and napkins filled up the table and finished off the look.

Easy DIY Treat Stand & Purple Chevron Party Supplies #BigDot #HappyDot

Purple Chevron Party Supplies #BigDot #HappyDot


Supply List:
– 3 Boxes, small, medium and large, so they can stack getting gradually smaller toward the top.
– Wrapping Paper, Crepe Paper Streamers & Ribbon in matching or coordinating colors.
– Scissor, Tape & Hot Glue

Wrap the boxes in the wrapping paper, just like you would wrap a present.

Cut your crepe paper streamers into a fringe, making sure not to cut completely through the width.

Starting at the bottom, tape the crepe paper fringe to the sides of the box, wrapping the entire circumference of the box in the fringe. Do this three times per box, evenly spaced (or as many times as it take to fill the sides of the box entirely with fringe).

Place a bead of hot glue along the top of the last fringe at attach the ribbon.

Stack your boxes in order, large-medium-small, on your buffet table and fill them with treats and party favors.

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