DIY Ideas for Personalized Centerpiece Kits

Party Decoration Ideas: Personalized Centerpiece Kits #BigDot #HappyDot #Spring
Our personalized centerpiece kits come with 1 large centerpiece that can be used as a long, accordion-folded centerpiece or turned into a cube; 2 scalloped circles & stands; and 36 confetti pieces, 24 round and 12 scalloped – Enough to get your craft on for a YOU-nique party!

Party Decoration Ideas: Personalized Centerpiece Kits #BigDot #HappyDot

With so many pieces that can be used for more than just resting in the middle of a table, personalized centerpiece kits will keep your party decoration budget in check. This is just a few ways these kits have been used to make parties YOU-nique.

1. Dress Up Your Buffet Table Signs // Simply print out the names of your treats (Get creative – clever names will entertain your guests while they wait in line for their turn at the snack table), cut and attach to a folded piece of craft paper. Add a scalloped circle or a round circle from the table confetti and you will have a sign that is dressed to impress.

2. Perfectly Paired Beverages // Use a hole punch to convert round table confetti pieces into tags, then tie them to the necks of beverage bottles.

3. Themed Napkin Sets // Use the same hole punch to create a tag from the scalloped table confetti pieces, then tie around folded napkins with twine or ribbon for a fun addition to each placesetting.

4. Placesettings That Pop // Centerpiece kits include two scalloped circles that are personalized with your special message. Add them to the tables at the center or at the placesettings of extra-special guests.

5. Effortless Buffet Table Decorations // Add the large, accordion-folded centerpiece to your buffet table for a great backdrop. Or fold it into a cube for a different look (Order two and have one at each end).

Whichever DIY decoration idea you choose, this is a personalized centerpiece kit that can’t be beat! One kit will do the trick, but multiple kits will give you the tools you need to create numerous party favors and themed decorations. How will you use your personalized centerpiece kit? Tell us bellow in the comments!

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