DIY Buffet Table Decorations

DIY Party Decorations: Buffet Table Ideas #PoochPawty

DIY Party Decorations: Buffet Table Ideas #PoochPawty


An interesting tablescape begins by layering different items to create dimension along the table, and then brings the eye upward with height created by candy jars, cake stands or these easy DIY buffet table decorations. By varying the height of your display, yours guests eyes will continue along the length of the table, taking in all of your display. You just have to stand back and collect the compliments!

Hostess Hero Tip: This do-it-yourself party craft is perfect for buffet tables but is also a great centerpiece idea. Best of all, when you order a garland banner, you get all 25 circles whether they are personalized or not! So, enter your custom text, making sure to not go over 24 characters, and you will have one garland circle to craft with. Want more? Just choose less characters to be personalized. Confused? Call our Expert Experts and they will get you what you need! 1.800.274.4282

DIY Party Decorations: Buffet Table Ideas #PoochPawty

By combining multiple items from the Chevron Boy Bruffday party line, we are able to create YOU-nique decorations. All of the items used in this tutorial are offered in every pooch pawty theme so you can create this look for your celebration, no matter what design you choose.

DIY Details

The Supply List:
Garland Banner (non-personalized circles)
Round Die-Cut Tag (personalized)
Wooden Skewer
Ribbon (ships with garland banner)
Scissors & Tape

Step 1:
Cut a 6” length of ribbon and thread through the two slots at the top of one garland banner circle, back to front.

Step 2:
Thread both ends of the ribbon through the hole at the top of the round die-cut tag, back to front.

Step 3:
Tie with a knot (or bow) and cut the ends at an angle.

Step 4:
Attach the skewer or wooden dowel to the back with tape.

DIY Party Decorations: Buffet Table Ideas #PoochPawty

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