DIY Birthday Party Treat Cups

Treat Cup Ideas for Birthday Parties

If you can believe it, Big Dot of Happiness has just added a completely new section to their already impressive Web site: delicious candies in beautiful colors to match their most popular themes!

Of course, Big Dot has thought of everything, and you can order your candy arranged in bouquets (which make gorgeous centerpieces for your tables), but I truly can’t resist putting my own spin on things…so I decided to make use of the bulk bags of candy and create my own little containers to hold it all.

I have warm memories of finding little treat cups next to each place setting at the birthday parties of my youth and I thought the smallest varieties of Big Dot’s candies would be just the perfect thing to fill a small, personal treat cup to serve at a child’s party. And, since spring,  Easter and May Day are all just around the corner, I thought a tiny treat cup basket would be even more perfectly perfect! And, because this is Big Dot we’re talking about, I figured my treat cups should be themed…so I decided to make use of some darling Big Dot cupcake wrappers.

The results of all my brainstorming are these adorable (if I do say so myself) treat cup baskets, absolutely brimming with Big Dot’s yummy new candies. Your little springtime guests will be so thrilled to find one of these sweet treats next to their plates!Treat Cup Ideas for Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Treat Cups


Themed cupcake wrappers

Paper soufflé cups (1.25 oz size), found at your local party store

Pipe cleaners

Craft glue

Candy from Big Dot of Happiness

Assemble each cupcake wrapper so they fit lightly around a soufflé cup. Bend a pipe cleaner into a “U” shape and dip the ends into craft glue. Place the ends of the pipe cleaners between the cupcake liner and soufflé cup on each side to form the handle of your basket; press lightly to set the glue and secure the pipe cleaner. Set your baskets aside to dry, and then fill them up with yummy candies from Big Dot!

Have fun!

Posted by Shannon, a Dot-arilla Blogger