Customer Moments: Joint Shower

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Happy Friday!! We are having a fantastic day here at Big Dot creating all sorts of unique parties. I had the chance to help with one of the most interesting baby showers earlier today. This Mommy-to-be was planning a joint baby shower for her and her sister! Not only was it exciting that they both were pregnant at the same time, she recently found out that her sister was having twins!!

So with three babies on the way now, they had to get the baby shower planning started. Each sister wanted to share this special day with their sister, but it was also very important that they each had what they wanted for the shower. They wanted two different cakes, they wanted to play separate games and each wanted a different theme! She wanted a theme that was new and unique, while her sister really wanted something traditional. She loved our new Mr. Foxy Fox theme, but wanted a theme that either combined their two styles or two themes that could work together. I could see that she really wanted Mr. Foxy Fox, so we began looking for a classic baby shower theme that would coordinate. We found one! The A is for Alphabet theme was perfect! It was traditional, it had similar colors to the Mr. Foxy Fox and her sister had mentioned she liked the alphabet theme idea. I helped her pick out some solid colored decorations in yellow and teal to bring the themes together so they looked like they belonged together. It was perfect and both sisters got what they wanted!

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There is a solution to any party planning problems. Sometimes you just need a little guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask! That’s why we’re! We love to help you plan and they don’t call us Expert Experts for nothing. : )

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