Fall Party Ideas: Pumpkin Patch Party Theme

You’re wearing your favorite sweaters and digging out those tall boots that have been waiting for the first leaves to fall. After you head out to your local pumpkin patch for a dose of apple cider and crisp air, you can come home an create your own pumpkin patch with our new fall party theme.… Continue reading Fall Party Ideas: Pumpkin Patch Party Theme

Creative Halloween Treat Bags & Candy Ideas

Whether you are prepping Halloween goodie bags for school-day treats or planning for a rush of monsters and princesses at your front door, you can easily pack enough candy or favor boxes with colorful sweet treats to keep everyone happy. Be sure to read to the bottom for a sneak-peek special announcement about our upcoming… Continue reading Creative Halloween Treat Bags & Candy Ideas

Big Dot Favorites – Fall Party Decorations

We have gathered our favorite ideas for fall party decorations into one fabulous list – just in time for you to start planning an impressive fall event. Which theme will you choose? How will you make your event YOU-niqe with these creative fall DIY party favors? Guess Whooooooo – Owl is perfect for celebrating fall… Continue reading Big Dot Favorites – Fall Party Decorations

Essential Party Supply Checklist

You started planning an amazing celebration weeks ago – but now it is hours before the event and panic is starting to settle in. It is a given that you will forget something along the way, so the Big Dot of Happiness Expert Experts have compiled this essential party supply checklist. Whether you are decorating,… Continue reading Essential Party Supply Checklist

Fall Party Ideas – DIY Fall Favor Bags

Style your party favors to match this season’s gorgeous fall colors by making your own fall favor bags out of pretty craft paper and ribbon! I am constantly amazed at the variety of paper patterns and colors available in craft stores, and all of those options makes it easy to find just right pattern for… Continue reading Fall Party Ideas – DIY Fall Favor Bags

Fall Party Recipe Idea: Candy Corn-Inspired Push Pops!

From their vibrant yellow, orange and white stripes to their distinct cone shape, candy corn is a universal symbol of fall parties and Halloween treats. There are many ways to incorporate this sugary candy into fall party food and recipes, and one unique idea involves the use of trendy push pops! Easy to work with… Continue reading Fall Party Recipe Idea: Candy Corn-Inspired Push Pops!

Lighter Fare at Thanksgiving

My family is a traditional Midwestern Wisconsin family. Most of our meals include meat, potatoes and a vegetable. Our Thanksgiving meal is what you may find typical: turkey, potatoes, homemade gravy, cranberries, corn, and pumpkin bars. Although all of this food is absolutely delicious, about five years ago, my mom decided to offer a lighter… Continue reading Lighter Fare at Thanksgiving

Good (Thanksgiving!) Cooking: Sweet Potato Casserole

We are all familiar with the standard marshmallow-topped sweet potato concoction that makes an appearance on many Thanksgiving tables each year, right?  Well, let me assure you: this is not that. This is a sweet potato recipe that will move this beautifully orange, under-rated (healthy!) vegetable from the edge of your plate to the very… Continue reading Good (Thanksgiving!) Cooking: Sweet Potato Casserole

Spook-tacular Halloween Ideas!

Big Dot of Happiness is celebrating its spookiest season yet with our Halloween items. We’ve taken some of most popular favors, like candy bar wrappers and personalized candles, and now offer customization in themes like Little Pumpkin and Cutesy-Crawly. Looking for fun ways to celebrate the season with these themes? How about a pumpkin pie… Continue reading Spook-tacular Halloween Ideas!