Mom Talk: Eva’s Mom

There’s a strange thing that happens when your kid starts school. Anytime you find yourself in the vicinity of a school-related person/building/event, you cease to be “You,” and instead become “Your Kid’s Mom.” This was true for me from the very first time we set foot in my daughter Eva’s school, and to be honest,… Continue reading Mom Talk: Eva’s Mom

Mom Talk: My Artwork Kitty

For years before I ever became a mother, I looked forward to one day creating things with my children. I envisioned blissful hours coloring and cutting and gluing. I pictured a refrigerator door adorned with crayon drawings and paste-heavy collages. I couldn’t wait to have a jewelry box crammed with lovingly-crafted play dough pendants and… Continue reading Mom Talk: My Artwork Kitty

Wedding Favors With Glimmer!

You’ll love our best selling favors sold on and Our elegant and unique favors will add extra sparkle and glimmer to your special day. Wedding favors are the perfect way to say thank you to your guest for being a part of your special day. Choose from our wide selection of innovative and… Continue reading Wedding Favors With Glimmer!