The CENTERpiece of Attention – New Candy Bouquets

A delicious alternative to flowers, candy bouquets are a sweet treat and tasteful party table display all in one. Our new candy bouquets are themed to match’s most popular baby shower themes and birthday party decorations, and they are filled with coordinating goodies your guest will love – making them the perfect addition to your special event.

Unique Candy Bouquets

The largest of the three bouquets, the Candy Bouquet with Frooties, is more than one-foot tall and filled to the brim with delicious Frooties Mini Toostie Rolls. The pyramid cone, the Candy Bouquet with Sticklettes, is sized perfectly in the middle of the largest and smallest candy bouquets. Packed with delicious Sticklettes candy and in a unique pyramid shape, a Candy Bouquet with Sticklettes is the perfect addition to the center of each table or to the dessert buffet. And finally, the smallest of the three candy bouquets, the Mini Candy Bouquet with Lollipops, makes up for it’s small size by offering a big candy. Eight Swirl Pops, a crowd favorite, are packed into this mini candy bouquet to make it an instant hit.Candy Bouquets

Use your favorite candy bouquet at the center of each party table or really make a statement by adding a grouping of all three. Either way, you are on your way to Hostess Hero status with our super-sweet, new candy bouquets.DIY Candy Buffet Ideas

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Posted by Lindsey, a Dot-arilla Blogger