Calling All Baby Shower Planners

Don’t get me wrong, I like to attend baby showers. The promise of a new life, the challenges that lie ahead, the little kisses, the “ooohs” and “aaahs” of tiny baby gifts. However, the invitations have all been a bit bland recently. Plain-jane cards from the store that all sound and look the same. As I opened the last invite, I thought I was doomed to continue receiving ordinary, drab, and boring baby shower invitations. That is, until, I stumbled upon the most creative, energetic, and colorful baby shower invitations around. Where are they you ask? Everything you need is at

So, what is so unique about Well, for one thing, it is easy to do all of your baby shower planning in one place. With a click of the mouse, you can shop baby themes, boy, girl, neutral, baby shower, baptism, invitations, favors, games, tableware, and much more. Of all of these items, perhaps the most important is the baby shower invitations. The invitations set the tone for the entire shower. 

If you open up the envelope and see something as cute as our Ducky Duck baby shower invitation, how can you not want to go to that shower? Check out our Funfari™ – Fun Safari Jungle baby shower invitations. Our invitations are sure to make your guests want to attend the baby shower and see the rest of the corresponding decorations. The best part is that the invitation is the send-off to a baby shower full of promise and fun. is full of exciting decorations sure to make your baby shower unique. Don’t forget – each of our designs can be customized for the special mom-to-be. Invitations and decorations from; what a perfect match!

Posted by Heather, a Dot-arilla Blogger