Bridal Shower Favors: Vanilla Bath Salts

Do It Yourself Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Every bride deserves a little pampering as she’s preparing for her wedding, and a bridal shower is the perfect time to do just that. Why not take it a step further and offer a bit of luxuriance to all your shower guests? Send each of them home with their own jar of these vanilla bath salts, and they’ll be relaxing (and thanking you) in no time.

Vanilla Bath Salts

Of course, you can substitute your favorite essential oil scent(s) for the vanilla in this recipe; be sure to pay attention to the effects each oil will have on your guests, e.g. vanilla and lavender are soothing/relaxing, citrus and mint are invigorating, etc. Also, if you’d like, you can include a couple teaspoons of baking soda in each jar for an extra skin-softening boost.


Epsom salt (or sea salt)

Vanilla essential oil

Baking soda (optional)

Small glass containers, washed and dried

Personalized bridal shower tags (or stickers) from Big Dot

Measure out your salts into a bowl — figure about one cup of salt per shower guest. You can use Epsom salt, sea salt or a combination of the two, but avoid table salt because it will dry out your skin. Add to the bowl approximately 3 drops of oil per cup of salt, and 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda per cup of salt (if desired). Using a wooden spoon, stir and stir and stir your fragrance into the salt. When you think you are done, stir some more — the longer you stir the more the salt will become infused with your oils, and the more evenly the scent will be distributed. When everything is well combined, pour the salt into your containers, put on the lid, and adorn them with a pretty ribbon or fabric and a personalized tag from Big Dot.

Instruct your guests to add 1/4-1/2 cup of their bath salts to a warm bath. For a nice touch, you can write these instructions on the back of each jar’s tag.


Do It Yourself Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Posted by Shannon, a Dot-arilla blogger