Bridal Shower Tips and Tricks: Free Bridal Shower Checklist

Download and print your own Bridal Shower Checklist.How to Plan a Bridal Shower

3 Months Prior to the Bridal Shower:

  • Talk to the bride. What type of shower does she want?
  • Chose a Bridal Shower Theme
  • Discuss a menu – Does she want cocktails served at the shower?
  • Chose a location
  • Set the date! If it is to take place at a restaurant or salon, make reservations
  • Create the guest list

2 Months Prior to the Bridal Shower:

  • Inform out-of-town guests about the shower so they can start making reservations and plans
  • Establish a final budget
  • Purchase invitations
  • Brainstorm with shower co-hosts
  • Order special items such as a cake, linens or rental items
  • Get your address list together
  • Make a detailed list of who does what and assign tasks

1 Month Prior to the Bridal Shower:

  • Address and mail bridal shower invitations
  • Shop for decorations, paper goods and other items
  • If guests are bringing food, call to confirm what they are bringing

2 Weeks Prior to the Bridal Shower:

  • Buy your bridal shower gift for the bride
  • Make a shopping list of food and drinks – buy any hard to find ingredients at this time
  • Purchase alcohol if you are serving cocktails
  • Pick up punch bowls, coffee urns, etc.

1 Week Prior to the Bridal Shower

  • Confirm reservations
  • Confirm orders and delivery times
  • Confirm RSVPs
  • Buy groceries
  • Plan bridal shower games

1 Day Prior to the Bridal Shower

  • Prepare items that can be made ahead of time or do any prep work
  • Decorate; get bridal shower favors and games prepared
  • Call any of the other hostesses, confirm what they are bringing and the times they will arrive

The Day of the Bridal Shower

  • Prepare all food and refreshments
  • Arrange tables, set out favors and decorate
  • Don’t get stressed too much!
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself

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