Baby Shower Tableware

Our baby shower tableware is a hot seller! Available in various colors and themes, we have everything you need to set a gorgeous table. Here are some ideas for coordinating your tableware for maximum impact:

  • Use a coordinating tablecloth with a themed place setting. For instance, if using our Trendy Flower theme, go with a pink or blue tablecloth to make the pattern pop!
  • If you’re going with a monochromatic theme, like our Sweet Pea, which is mainly green, pick a different color to complement it like yellow or blue.
  • Make a dynamic combination by pairing our Modern Floral Black & White theme with Mom-to-be’s favorite color, like red or yellow.
  • If you’re not going with a particular theme, choose colors to complement either the venue or the season. For instance, green and purple for spring, blue and yellow for summer. This is an especially good option if the baby’s sex is a secret, because there’s no chance of picking the wrong one.

When creating a palette or scheme for your tableware, don’t forget that Big Dot of Happiness offers everything you need from the tablecloths to the placemats and dishes. You can even find a variety of personalized placemats to really make Mom-to-be stand out. Have your cake and it too ( on our adorable cake plates, of course).

Posted by Jillian, a Dot-arilla Blogger