Baby Shower Game Ideas: Guess the Date Free Printable

This Guess the Date baby shower game is a great way to keep everyone guessing long after the baby shower is over. It is even great for office baby showers and can be altered to any month the baby is due.

To play this baby shower game, simply print our free calendar grid, then fill in the month and dates of the baby’s due date. Have each guest write their name on their guess of birth date. For a tie-breaker, you can have them guess the time and weight of the baby. The Hostess Hero is responsible for sending a prize to the winner after the baby arrives or give on to Mommy-To-Be and she can pack it for the hospital and gift it when her visitors come.

Download your Guess the Date game sheet here.

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These games need a little preparation but are guaranteed fun at your baby shower.

Wet Diaper Game Create groups of 3 or 4. Each group will get a disposable newborn diaper, a large pitcher of water and a measuring cup. Each group then writes down how much water they think the diaper will hold without the water leaking out. The group that comes closest to their guess wins!

Baby Price is Right Purchase some baby items and set them on a tray. The more items you purchase, the harder the game is. Ask everyone write down the prices of each and then add up the total. Whoever is closest to the correct total amount wins!

How Many Are in the Baby Bottle? Before the baby shower, stuff a baby bottle with as many of one small item as you can, such as safety Q-Tips, cotton balls, jelly beans, M&M’s or safety pins. Remember to count them so you know the amount that fit. At the baby shower, pass the bottle around and have each guest write down how many they think are in the bottle. The closest one to the actual number wins and the bottle can go to the Mommy-To-Be!

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