Baby Shower Tips and Tricks: Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower InvitationsBaby shower etiquette is centered around the Mommy-To-Be and her wishes for the celebration, but there are still certain guidelines most people will expect to be followed.

Who Hosts the Baby Shower?

Traditionally, someone completely outside the family of the Mommy-To-Be hosted the baby shower. However, modern trends show it is acceptable for a mother or sister of the Mommy-To-Be to host the baby shower and send out baby shower invitations. It is still not considered good manners for the Mommy-To-Be to host her own baby shower.

Who is Invited?

Baby showers are unique to the Mommy-To-Be and her wishes. With different groups of friends and acquaintances, the host should be mindful of what the Mommy-To-Be wants and what others are planning. It is common to have more than one baby shower, such as one hosted by family and one by work friends. Sometimes a close friend will take on hosting on large event that includes all of the friends and family of the Mommy-To-Be. No matter what size event, it is helpful to include the Mommy-To-Be with planning and allow her to provide a list of attendees.

What About Baby Showers a Second (or Third, or…) Baby?

While this may not make Miss Manners happy, our emphatic answer is YES! Every baby is a blessing and deserves a celebration of their arrival. Think about what she will definitely need and encourage her to register for baby items she wished she had received with the first baby or other items she’ll need of for a second or third time mother. Consider making recommendations of diapers in multiple sizes, baby wipes and other perishables on the baby shower invitation. Many mothers will also appreciate frozen meals ready to go since they will have an older child to feed as well.

Baby Shower Ideas

Gifts and Registries

Gifts should be opened during the baby shower so guests can see the Mommy-To-Be enjoy the gift and other attendees can see what was given. Gift cards are acceptable to open at the party but are not passed around the room, nor is the amount disclosed to the other guests. The exception to this rule is if the mother is given money directly or if a greeting card or gift is mailed directly to their house.

Baby registries are very useful ways for friends of the expectant parents to know what baby items are needed and themes that are desired. It is considered helpful to add the registries to the baby shower invitations.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards never go out of style. The Mommy-To-Be should send a thank you card to each guest within a month of the event. Sometimes the host will have each guest address a stamped envelope so it is easier for the Mommy-To-Be. The host should also make sure someone is in charge of writing down what the Mommy-To-Be received and who gave it.

Follow these simple baby shower tips and you will become an instant Hostess Hero.

Download our Baby Shower Checklist here and planning your next event will be quick and easy.

Do you have any tips for being a baby shower Hostess Hero?

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