5 Quick Tips to Make Your Baby Shower Photos Fantastic

Gender Reveal Photo Idea

Photos are an important part of any baby shower, so it’s worthwhile to spend a few minutes reading the following 5 tips on how to make your baby shower photos fantastic. Doing so will ensure that your loved ones are captured in the best possible way – and that the guest of honor is left with a photo album she’ll treasure forever. (And best of all, none of these tips require hiring a professional photographer or buying an expensive camera!)

Baby Shower Photo Ideas

1. Don’t force the photo. Capture your friends and family as they are, whether it’s mid-laugh or mid-hug. And if they all happen to be gathered around the mom-to-be as she cuts into her gender reveal cake for the first time, as was the case in these photos, then even better! Balancing posed shots with not-so-posed shots will leave you with a photo album that’s full of real, smile-making memories.

Gender Reveal Shower Activities

2. Get close. The photo is about the person, not the scenery. Whether your baby shower is in someone’s home or at a fancy restaurant, the focus should be the people you are photographing rather than the background. And while you are getting up close and personal, get down to their level. Shooting all photos from a standing position gives them a “snap shot” feel. Kneeling or trying different angles will make sure to get the perfect image for your baby shower pictures.

Team Pink3. Use natural light but avoid midday sunshine. Although the time of the baby shower may be pre-determined before you start considering this list of tips, you can still work with the best possible light during your specific party. Since morning and evening are the best time to get the perfect shot (the light at those times is bright enough to not use a flash but not so bright to cast harsh shadows), try taking most of the “posed” photos (or the ones you can maneuver and control) away from direct, midday sun.

Gender Reveal Photo Idea

4. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Providing that you’re using a digital camera, you can shoot as many frames as your memory card can hold. Don’t be selective yet; that will come later when you choose which photos are the best. You will get more candid moments and your subject may even forget you are there, allowing for those special shots that only happen when no one remembers there is a camera around.

Baby Gender Reveal Methods

5. Bonus tech tip: Most inadequate photos come from cameras not focusing fast enough to get the moment just right. Try keeping the camera to your eye with the shutter button pressed half way. This allows you to see though the lens to know exactly when to shoot. It also allows your camera to continually focus so your subject is always sharp. You will be at the ready and have an amazing shot that the mommy-to-be will treasure forever.

With these quick tips, fully charged batteries and memory cards at the rady, your baby shower photos will be truly remarkable!

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